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Old 02-05-2022, 10:05 AM
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Default Fox News Misrepresents Facts - Again

Fox News ran this headline this morning:

"Flashback: Niel Young participated in 'Freedom of Speech Tour' before advocating censorship of Joe Rogan."

First, freedom of speech is exactly what allows Young to say he wants his music off of Spotify,for whatever reason he chooses.

Second, telling Spotify he doesn't want to share a platform with someone who lies about Covid is not censorship.

Third, the free market allows people to make such choices of their own work; why do Republicans only scream this (usually in error) when it's something they don't like, but go out of their way not to mention it when it's something they don't like?

And why does Fox constantly have to lie and mislead in their headlines?

It's almost as though they can't make a point or a good argument without lying about what really happened. Their constant failure to engage honestly with almost any issue seems to indicate that this is true.

Oddly, I was taught long ago that if I had to bolster my argument with dishonest tactics, I should probably find a better argument to make.

Why does Fox do this so frequently, and why do their viewers continue to be so gullible?
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