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Old 12-12-2019, 07:45 PM
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Default Opinion - Impeachment

Sorry as I am typing this on my phone there may be grammatical errors and such.

Regardless how I feel about the impeachment, I have a different outlook on a couple perspectives pertaining to it.

The most basic is simply a question of discussion: If it is said that President Trump committed these acts for self benefit and not for the benefit of the American people, could it be perceived that all those that voted for him do, in fact, benefit from the alleged actions? His actions may reflect the will of those that voted for him while opposing those that didn’t.

Now, how about this impeachment timing. I have my own conspiracy that I will share and welcome feedback.

I believe Congressional Democrats feel there is a real chance Warren or Sanders could be the nominee. We may see Biden still leading in the polls but the next two months are very critical for the Iowa caucus and the ones to follow. I also believe that if Warren or Sanders is the nominee, their policies are not widely accepted, even among the left. I also believe they do not stand a chance winning the election against Trump.

So, my conspiracy: Passing a strictly partisan impeachment through the House, knowing the Senate is going to shut it down seems asinine. Instead of rushing it, Democrats would fare better taking the time to make a stronger case and waiting on the courts to implement issued subpoenas for fact witnesses. But considering the previous situation mentioned about the candidates, I believe Democrats are timing this impeachment perfectly to remove Sanders and Warren from being contenders. Full well knowing they will be forced to remove themselves from their campaigns and sit in the Senate impeachment trial leaves the door open for Biden to surge ahead with little competition. I know this sounds ridiculous but we saw the same primary rigging happen to Sanders from the DNC in 2016. The DNC wouldn’t dare try the same thing again. So, I can hear top House Democrats’ conversations. “Since the Russia conspiracy failed for us, this Ukraine call is our last chance to impeach before the election. Biden might be our only chance to win and God forbid those Socialists get the nomination, we are doomed for sure. Let’s conjure up our best case, regardless how flimsy it is, on how to impeach Trump and time it perfectly to introduce into the Senate to remove those senators from their campaigns effectively rendering them defeated. Once they’re no longer in contention, we can figure out later how to move forward. But we won’t win against Trump with those two so let’s fix this for our best outcome for now.”.
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