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3580 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80235

We got through Genesis 1! We're at Genesis 2:1.

The pace continues to pick up as we create baseline understandings for one-another and learn to short-hand a few things.

Discussion items as we move forward:

1. "Why do many people believe that they can 'game' God, for example by living a life of sin and repenting on their deathbed to get into heaven?"

2. "How do we determine which parts of The Bible are literal and which are not?"

3. "Which parts of The Bible were divinely inspired by God, which were not? How can you tell?"

4. The dollar jar. We have one. We have rules now.

5. "Because God."

6. Morality and the Bible. Goodness and the Bible. Other things, and The Bible.

Readings for next week:
Genesis 2 and 3

Readings for the near future:
Joshua 1-5
Isaiah 1-5
Mark 1-3
Romans 1-2

I would expect us to get to the end of Genesis 3 if we're lucky next week. This has been the closing line of this event for three weeks, so Genesis 3 really ought to have you more than covered if you want to attend.

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