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Our next meeting is the day of the Super Bowl. However, I think I am the only one that actually cares about football with any degree of passion, and it's probably important that we keep as regular of a schedule as possible for this event. We're also moving pretty slowly, so that factored in as well.

Our normal meeting stands.

3580 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80235

We got through half of Genesis 1. We're at Genesis 1:14.

Safe to say this is a very different experience doing it with people who are not in your denomination. It's a very different experience when there are atheists present.

We did agree to only go into things that The Bible actually says, rather than asking questions like, "Why did God make the Earth rotate and make the sun cause cancer?" We've chosen to stick strictly to the content of the book.

We all felt we did pretty well really, but we also all felt it could be made more efficient. The pace did pick up as we continued to build understandings of what each of our perspectives was.

Discussion items as we move forward:

1. "Why do many people believe that they can 'game' God, for example by living a life of sin and repenting on their deathbed to get into heaven?"

2. "How do we determine which parts of The Bible are literal and which are not?"

3. "Which parts of The Bible were divinely inspired by God, which were not? How can you tell?"

4. The dollar jar. We have one. We have rules now.

Readings for next week:

Genesis 1-3
Joshua 1-5
Isaiah 1-5
Mark 1-3
Romans 1-2

I would expect us to get to the end of Genesis 3 if we're lucky next week. This has been the closing line of this event for three weeks, so Genesis 3 really ought to have you more than covered if you want to attend.
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