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Default Week 2: The Bible

Thanks to those who came out for the club last week, and for picking up the bill!

That was a wonderful surprise that hopefully baits encourages future participants to attend.

Anyone that wants to attend may do so. If someone wants to jump in where we're at, that's super. If someone wants to revisit something we already covered, that's okay too. If someone wants to talk about something that we will be covering in the future, please wait until we get to that part.

It's hard to say how much we will get through, but for the next reading we are supposed to all have reviewed the following items:

Discussion items for the next meeting:

1. "The Bible is the best tool for understanding God." This assertion was made, and if you have thoughts on it we'd like to hear them.

2. "Why do many people believe that they can 'game' God, for example by living a life of sin and repenting on their deathbed to get into heaven?"

3. For Wulfgar et al, "How do you determine which parts of The Bible are literal and which are not?"

4. Again for Wulfgar (or anyone else that wants to answer), "Which parts were divinely inspired by God, which were not? How can you tell?"


Genesis 1-3
Joshua 1-5
Isaiah 1-5
Mark 1-3
Romans 1-2

That seems like quite a lot. We'll see where that gets us. In all honesty, I don't see us getting through Genesis. I don't think the Bible study guide we got accounted for different faiths. It certainly did not account for two Atheists being in the group.

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