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Just so you're all aware, I am not going to update this thread any more for a while. The board is pretty dead, and the contact info is in this post. If anyone wants to check in with me before attending, please feel free to do so.

If the location or status of the group changes, I'll try to make another post.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

Due to the FAKE NEWS HOAX coronavirus, and also because it just might be easier, more productive and more fun, this week's session will be held online. You can join us by using Discord either on your web browser or through your phone.

Here is the Discord server:

It is strongly suggested to test it before the time of the event.

We're at Genesis 10!

Discussion items as we move forward:

1. Why do many people believe that they can 'game' God, for example by living a life of sin and repenting on their deathbed to get into heaven?

2. How do we determine which parts of The Bible are literal and which are not?

3. Which parts of The Bible were divinely inspired by God, which were not? How can you tell?
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